As a result, (NYSE: CRM )’s estimated 16% annual revenue growth may not be enough for investors


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This article was originally published on Simply Wall St News, Inc. (NYSE: CRM) Shareholders may have mixed feelings about this the stock is up 12% in the past three months. The latest financial results, released on August 27, show revenue of $ 23.5 billion for the past twelve months. The company has a high and steady estimated revenue growth of approximately 16.4% per year. However, the recent stagnation in stock performance is causing us to dive deeper and see what’s behind it.

We start by analyzing fundamental performance and analysts’ estimates, which will give us a clearer picture of the current status. In the following chart we have compiled the annual financial performance, including the recently released Q2 report:

NYSE: CRM Past Growth and Future Estimates August 27, 2021

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We can see that the company has fewer net profits than free cash flows – this suggests that the company is driving growth using what’s left of the free cash flows.

This is important for a growing company as it must continually invest in its business in order to reach more of its potential market and to stay competitive against big players like Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) and SAP (XTRA: SAP).

After the growth phase is over and a company like Salesforce begins to mature, we can expect profits to converge with free cash flows and get a better sense of the company’s moneymaking potential.

Let’s look at the company’s current earnings performance and see what investors are paying for.

There’s no denying that markets are sometimes efficient, but prices don’t always reflect underlying business performance. A flawed but reasonable way evaluate how feeling all around a company has changed too Compare earnings per share (EPS) to the share price.

For five years of rising share prices, achieved average earnings per share (EPS) growth of 51% per year.

This EPS growth is greater than the average annual increase in the share price of 29%. As a result, the market appears to have become relatively pessimistic about the company.

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In the image below you can see how the EPS has changed over time (click on the graph to see the exact values).

Earnings-per-share growth NYSE: CRM EPS growth August 27, 2021

It looks like investors are expecting EPS to collapse and are cautious about Salesforce. While earnings per share are expected to increase in 2024, the market prefers cash flows today over cash flows in the future, so we can see why the excitement for the company may not be great.

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Another perspective shareholders are down 1.7% over the year, but the market itself is up 31%. Even good stocks sometimes fall, but we want to see improvements in a company’s fundamentals before we get too interested.

Salesforce experienced high sales growthbut that comes at the expense of margins, and investors can look beyond the surface of high sales growth rates. The companys The bottom line must keep pace with the revenueOtherwise the high volatility may persist.

It is always important to consider risk factors before investing. For example, we identified 2 warning signs for that you should know.

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