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Sprouts has new deals starting October 6th, including coriander, spring onions, autumn squash, tomatoes, organic gala apples, organic pears, organic tortilla chips and more.

The listings below are from the online listing on the Sprouts website for the Durham, NC location. Check the ad for your store to review prices, which may vary. This list is not a price guarantee.

Make sure you check for digital coupons in the app as well.

Weekly sales

These offers are valid from October 6th to 12th, 2021.

To produce

Organic Bundled Coriander or Spring Onions, 3 for $ 2

Organic acorn, butternut, or spaghetti squash, $ 0.98 / lb

On the vine tomatoes, $ 1.48 / pound

Organic Honeycrisp apples, $ 2.48 / lb

Organic greenhouse tomatoes, $ 1.98 / lb

Organic red, green, or black seedless grapes, $ 1.98 / lb

Tasteful Selections Baby Potatoes, 1.5 pound bags, 2 for $ 5

Organic Bosc or Bartlett Pears, 2 pound sachets, 2 for $ 7

Organic Gala Apples, 2 pound bags, 2 for $ 7

Organic blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries, 5.6-6 oz, choices, 3 for $ 10

Sprout Organic Salads, 5 oz, Choice, 2 for $ 6

Zespti Organic Sungold Kiwis, 1 pound, $ 3.98

Large Hass Avocados, Bag of 4, $ 5

Earthbound Farm Organic Kale, Romaine or Power Greens, 10-16 oz, Choice, 25% Off

Meat seafood

Butcher’s Boneless Chicken Breasts, $ 3.47 / lb Value Pack

Grass-fed 85% lean ground beef, $ 5.49 / lb

Boneless Beef Roast or London Broil, $ 6.99 / lb

Butcher’s Pork Loin Chops or Grill Chops, $ 5.99 / lb.

Fresh tilapia fillet, $ 6.99 / lb

Butcher’s Air-Chilled Organic Chicken Breasts, $ 7.99 / lb

Butcher’s Air-Cooled Organic Chicken Tender, $ 8.99 / lb

Wild swordfish steaks, $ 7.99 / lb

All natural boneless lamb, whole leg, or ground, $ 8.99 / lb.

Wild Alaskan Cod Fillet, $ 8.99 / lb

Durham Ranch Game or Ground Bison, Frozen, 16 oz, $ 9.99

Fresh Bluehouse Salmon Fillets, $ 10.99 / lb

Wild Jumbo Raw Gulf Shrimp, 16/20 pieces, $ 9.99 / lb

Garrett Valley Farms Smoked Turkey Kielbasa or Organic Turkey Bacon, 8 or 12 oz, $ 6.99

High Peaks Plant-Based Sausage, 12 oz, $ 4.99

Dairy products, chilled and frozen

Chobani Greek yogurt, 5.3 oz, 5 for $ 5

Cedar’s Organic Hommus, 10 oz, $ 3.99

Organic Valley Milk, 64 oz, $ 3.99

Crushed Organic Valley Cheese, 6 oz, $ 4.99

Vital Farms Organic Pasture Eggs, 12 Pieces, Large, $ 5.99

Cascadian Farm Organic Frozen Potatoes, 12-16 oz, 2 for $ 6

Start Right Waffle Sliders or Sprouts Frozen Pancake Bites, choose, 2 for $ 7

Sea Cuisine frozen seafood, choice, 20% off

storage stable

Late July organic potato chips, 5 oz, 2 for $ 4

Sprouts Organic Tortilla Chips, 8 oz, 2 for $ 4

Mary’s Gone Crackers Organic Crackers or Annie’s Homegrown Soups, 5-14.3 oz, 2 for $ 5

La Croix sparkling water, 8-pack cans, 2 for $ 6

Traditional Medicinals organic tea in cans, 14 or 16 pieces, 2 for $ 7

Zevia, 35% discount

Pistachios in shell or mixed nuts, choose, $ 5.99 / lb

Order protein powder, selection, 20% discount

Sprouts organic spices or extracts, selection, 25% discount

Big Tree Farms Products, Selection, 35% Off

Non food

Aura Cacia Organic Essential Oil, selected, BOGO


* Sales listed are for the Durham, NC Sprouts location from the online ad. This is not a price guarantee. Check the ad for your local business to check prices.

Make sure you check for digital coupons in the app as well.


Shop details

Sprouts offers fresh, natural, and organic food in “an environment that feels like an old-fashioned farmer’s market,” according to their website. The grocery store has over 250 stores in 13 states. Stores include produce, meat, seafood, deli, dairy, frozen, bulk containers, baked goods, ready meals, gourmet cheeses, gluten-free products, vitamins, health and beauty, and more.

Triangle area locations

Durham: 105 W. NC Highway 54, Durham, NC (at the intersection of Hwy. 54 and Fayetteville Road)

Raleigh: 9414 Falls of Neuse Road, Raleigh, NC, 27615 (located in Olive Park Mall)

Fayetteville: 2810 Freedom Parkway Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28314

Ways To Save Money With Sprouts

There are a number of ways you can save even more money on Sprouts, including:

* Mobile coupons in your mobile app: you log in or create a Sprouts account, cut the mobile coupons you might want to use, then scan the barcode on your smartphone during the checkout process.

* Deals of the Month flyer: Check out the Deals of the Month flyer in stores for even more discounts and specials.

* Specials: Sprouts has regular 72-hour sales, vitamin extravaganzas, frozen frenzies, Sprouts branded sales, and more.

* Vitamin Discount: Spend $ 100 on vitamins and supplements and get 10% off your total purchase.

For more information on saving, see

One of the fabulous things about Sprouts is that they are committed to “zero waste” and the new Durham store will donate unsold and edible groceries to the Second Harvest Food Bank in central and eastern North Carolina through the grocer’s grocery rescue program. In 2017, Sprouts stores and distribution centers donated £ 23 million in products, which equates to 19 million meals. Food that cannot be donated is given to local cattle farms and composting facilities.

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