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Nice weekend! I hope you are all doing well, staying dry and eating delicious food!

It’s finally starting to look like the season is here on Crooked Row. With a colder start to spring and then those wild heat spikes, our fields have been a little moody and the plants are about 10 days behind in their growth cycles than this time last year. But they still grow! We’ve just started picking from our younger strawberry patch (it’s a few pints a day, we’ll have many more in a week’s time), the lettuce we’ve kept under row shelters is beautiful and we’re already trellising the tomatoes and cucumbers in our high tunnel! Our summer carrots and turnips have germinated well. Every season is a little different, but we all go into June with a great feeling.

Our summer opening times!

Monday – 12:00-16:00

Tue-Fri – 10am-5pm

Sat-Sun – 10am-3pm

We’re there all weekend and just a few hours on Monday if you need last minute supplies for Memorial Day and we have these lovely heads of lettuce and tossed lettuce, bok choy, napa cabbage, radishes, green garlic, spring onions , hopefully some strawberries and some extra cucumbers, zucchini and broccoli that we brought from the organic co-op for the bank holiday weekend. We’re still well stocked with salsa, ketchup and tomato butter, eggs and dairy, cashew cheese from Conscious Cultures and fresh and baked tofu, bread from The Daily Loaf and baked goods from Warm Sugar, meats of all kinds, pickles and jams, and fermented. By Tuesday we will be refilled with apples and coffee.

And we have an AMAZING first Friday ahead of us. On June 3rd this Friday Cellar Beast Winehouse will be joining us with wine and cider from 12pm to 5pm and then Jodi from Gauker Farms will be there with her beef orders and coolers for those of you who want to peruse their offerings from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in store. If you’d like to order beef for pickup, check out this Facebook event for links to prices and Jodi’s contact info!

Also this Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. our beloved Laura from Warm Sugar will be there with a very special selection of dishes and treats for a strong start to June. The first Friday is a great opportunity to stop by and meet the makers behind these amazing merchandise and treat yourself as you head into summer.

A little household!

There are a lot of new names on this email list, so I thought I’d cover some of the frequently asked questions we answer during the booth days. Always feel free to ask questions! Chances are, others have the same questions as you.

  1. Preferred Payments – We accept cash, cards, Venmo, and Apple Pay, but we’re still a company that prefers cash if you have it! We try to keep plenty of loose change on hand for this purpose, but having smaller bills when you need to get a few things done always makes the day that little bit easier. If you’re paying with a card, we require a minimum payment of $8 due to the various Square fees associated with these types of transactions.
  1. Parking – As we head into the busier season, we see many, well, creative parking options. And I’m sure you have too. I highly recommend parking in the back lot behind the building. The driveway around the barn leads back to Wolf’s Crossing Road and the 309 so you don’t have to turn next to the building or in front of the building or anything. When too many people are parked in front at once and lined up side by side, cars without full peripherals end up on 309s. My heart is pounding as I watch. Keep the front clear for the occasional senior shopper or someone who has trouble walking, or a parent with a small child in the car, or even a new customer who is new to the backyard to minimize the hazards for everyone .
  1. Booth Reorganization – We will be rearranging some foods over the next few weeks as the days get warmer. Last year those tall meat fridges had to be run pretty hard all summer, so we’re putting them in the back room with the Maker Market so they don’t get direct sunlight. We’ll be sticking to smaller freezers near the counter for the Kreeky Tree Pies and Warm Sugar Quiche, cookie dough and treats, and we’ll be adding shelves to this wall to display more fruit and veg at the stand. but not directly in the sun. Ask at the counter if you’re having any trouble finding items while we’re in the middle of this Tetris project.
  1. Farms and Signage – We add new vendors each season and I will be updating our stand signs to include new farms, their locations and their growing/production practices. The people at the counter can help with these questions while I catch up on the signs.
  1. Community Compost – We will be switching from our wooden floor standing bin back to a composter that was donated by one of our patrons and we will have it a little closer to the parking lot soon. I’m going to put some signs up there for people using it, as far as it goes in. Please please ask for the policy in advance before throwing things in. Full, unopened bags of cranberries and limes cannot be composted. I can’t dig through the compost to open bags of old fruit and veg and pull out plastic groceries and produce bags (even if you think it’s the kind that’s degrading, they won’t work in our compost). Thank you for your understanding and for making this opportunity available and easier for all of us.
  1. emails! – I think I’ve removed all duplicate emails from my spreadsheet, but if you receive these monthly messages from me twice, please let me know and I’ll correct it.

We’ve got a smaller, more powerful crew this season, and we’re making it! Everything from our field tomatoes to our second summer squash is in the ground, and our winter squash just got seeded this week. We’ve been alternating between the fields and the stand, but starting this week we should be helping more regularly so some of us can focus on the fields when the crops really take off. If you are in the CSA (which starts Tuesday!) you will receive another email from me the next day or so with all the details on your boxes and pickup!

Thank you to everyone who is joining us on this ecological journey and entrusting us with your kitchen supplies and fridge shelves. We look forward to feeding you now and for months to come!

All the best,


Crooked row farm

3245 Way 309, Orefield, PA



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