Delhi police arrest factory owners for manufacturing and selling duplicate fertilizers


Delhi police have blown up a factory in Khera Kalan village that was involved in the mass production of Kala Sona brand dual fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides. Police also arrested Burari factory owner Manoj Tiwari on Friday.

According to police, an employee and managing partner of SGS IPR Consultancy LLP, an authorized representative of Bharat Agro Chemical, which manufactures Kala Sona fertilizers, filed a written complaint against the production of duplicate fertilizers in outside Delhi.

Following the complaint, local information was developed and the facts of the complaint were established.

A team of inspector Arun Dev Nehra, SI Ajay, SI Hem Karan, women SI Mumtaz Bano raided the factory in a godown in the village of Khera Kalan in Delhi.

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According to the police, 675 kg of double fertilizer with the name “Kala Sona” as well as counterfeit printed packaging material, printed stickers, buckets, bottles, etc. were recovered from the construction site.

During the interrogation, the defendant Manoj Tiwari revealed that he had worked for a well-known fertilizer manufacturer for more than 12 years. He gathered extensive information on the ingredients and ingredients of various types of fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides.

Six years ago, after the defendant received the formulas for various types of fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides, he quit his job and started his own production unit, police said.

Instead of registering his own brand name with the Registrar of Trade Marks or Copy Rights, the defendant began to manufacture the counterfeit products under the brand names of well-known and well-known companies in the field of fertilizer, insecticide and pesticide production.

The defendant announced that he only sold the double “Kala Sona” products in Nepal and in the border areas of Uttar Pradesh and that he had made them on request and prepayment.

Nepal is a huge market for Indian fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides and the “Kala Sona” brand is the most famous brand in this field.

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