Environment Day celebrations at M Raikhan Ecological Park in Manipur


According to a late report, World Environment Day on June 6 was also commemorated by Zingtun Tangkhul Katamnao Long (ZTKL)-Green Zingtun Mission and hosted by ZKL at M Raikhan Ecological Park in Talui Village of Ukhrul District in Manipur.

Attendees at the event celebrated the day by planting “native fruit trees and orchids” at M Raikhan Ecological Park.

“It is a local action with global significance. We can also contribute more to society by taking action on the theme of living sustainably in harmony with nature. The activities to celebrate World Environment Day 2022 at the community hall of Talui Village were carried out by about 60 participants,” the organizers said in a press release.

The participants came from various student units in the village and from the general public. The program was directed by TKL Christina Shangjam, and the celebration by World Environment Day was advised by Ngalengshim. He also dealt with the basic concept and the importance of the environment and biodiversity for our livelihoods.

He explained the environmental conditions in Ukhrul district such as forest fires, hunting, deforestation and the use of pesticides and fertilizers – the main threats to biodiversity and environment which they found out from their documentation and research on Phalee rainforest biodiversity.


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