Exceptional rains, rising fuel costs behind rising vegetable prices in Delhi


Between the rise in fuel prices and the unusual rains in several parts of the country, Delhi is experiencing a renewed rise in vegetable prices in the state capital.

Rising fuel costs have a direct impact on the price of vegetables, and the prices of vegetables, especially tomatoes and okra, have risen sharply in the wholesale and retail markets in recent months.

“Every rise in the price of diesel affects the price of vegetables, and the same thing is happening now. So the price of almost all green vegetables is higher than last month,” said Adil Ahmad Khan, chairman of Azadpur Mandi’s Agricultural Products Marketing Committee (APMC) said.

Tomato that was sold for 33.5 per kg last month is now being sold at 44.25 while the price of okra has risen to 35 per kg 15 last month he said.

“In addition to the rise in diesel prices, the lower supply of vegetables is also due to damage from rainfall and the overwhelming demand for vegetables in the current wedding season. These are also major reasons for the price increase, ”added Khan.

Gasoline is in Delhi on Wednesday 103.97 per liter, while diesel at 86.67 per liter.

The price hike is obviously more blatant in the retail and online markets, where customers have to shell out everything in between 90 tons 108 and 100 tons 120 for one kg of tomato or okra.

SP Gupta, former APMC chairman of Ghazipur Mandi, said skyrocketing vegetable prices will show signs of easing next month with the arrival of new crops in the market.

“This time around, due to unusual rainfall and damaged crops, there has been little to no supply from neighboring cities like Haryana and Uttar Pradesh Bangalore is not getting through either,” he said.

“We will be receiving our shipments from all of these states from next month, which will hopefully help reduce the inflated vegetable price,” said Gupta.

Meanwhile, Madhya Pradesh is also experiencing rising prices for vegetables and fruits due to rising fuel prices, which affects transportation costs.

Rajesh Gupta, a trader, said ANI, “Due to rising fuel prices, transportation costs have risen. In the past, drivers used to charge fees.” 200-250 are said to come into town from farms. But now they’re charging 550-600 for the same. “

(With contributions from agencies)

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