Former dairy industry duo creates Yoi – deliciously tangy plant-based drinks


FAIRFIELD, California., July 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Yoi, a brand new plant-based food and beverage company, launched independent grocers this month in the Bay Area with its unique probiotic nut and seed milks.

Yoi produces its deliciously sour and subtly flavored drinks in small batches from simple organic ingredients such as almonds, coconut and pumpkin seeds. “We are excited about the drink we created,” shared Ellie Wells, Co-founder. “For us it was non-negotiable that Yoi was organic and had a great nutritional profile – high levels of probiotics plus prebiotic fiber and vegetable protein, with no added sugar – and tastes good too. So we went through a lot of different ideas and iterations before we found the products we wanted to bring to market. ”

In fact, “good” is the namesake of the company – Yoi means “good” in Japanese. In starting their business, Wells and co-founder Tosh Nakagawa were inspired by the ancient art of Japanese fermentation and the concept of ikigai. “Ikigai means ‘your reason for being,’ or what gets you out of bed in the morning,” said Nakagawa. “We want to make products that help people feel good, so that they can do good. This is our Ikigai. “

Finding the common Ikigai was fate: after Wells and Nakagawa had worked together in the dairy industry for over a decade, ironically, and their families switched to a mainly plant-based diet. They noticed that their communities were doing the same: from cutting down on meat and dairy products, to including more plants in their diet, to becoming a full vegan diet. The reasons given for the change were sustainability, animal welfare and the general improvement of their health. “We saw the opportunity and thought, ‘How can we apply our knowledge and experience in cultured dairy products to create healthy and tasty cultured plant-based foods?” “Nakagawa said.

Today people can find Yoi Probiotic Nut and Seed Milk in local independent retailers in the San Francisco Bay Area. The 10oz bottle is available in strawberry, vanilla pod, pineapple and cocoa nib flavors $ 4.99. Yoi is also available in a large 23oz bottle in Plain Unsweetened and Vanilla Bean $ 8.99. For more information and a store locator, see Come along on the Well Reise can be found on Instagram at @yoifresh and on Facebook at @

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