PHOENIX, June 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Green Planet Group (OTC PINK: GNPG) announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary Healing the Earth (HTE) has sold its second high-speed cultivation system to HG Livestock, LLC and will be dedicated to growing barley forage for cattle. The yard is in Peyton, Colo and the system is built into an existing farm building. The cultivation system is appreciated $90,000 and will feed 12 animals and his goal is to validate that this technology works at higher altitudes.

That Colorado The beef industry is the state’s largest agricultural segment, and beef sales are approximately $4.0 billion. The industry has 15,000 active producers, 2.85 million people and creates 170,000 jobs. The National Drought Mitigation Center shows a widespread and unusually dry condition throughout Colorado and 2022 is the driest year so far in the last 128 years.

Mister. Steve Hammersthe President/CEO stated: “Only by using the latest food farming technology can the beef industry survive Coloradoand I chose the Healing the Earth system because it provides organic, highly nutritious barley feed daily that uses only 3% of the water of crops at a very competitive cost.

Steve continued, “This system is so revolutionary that before I commit to feeding hundreds of cattle I want to validate its overall performance with a small herd. Then I will invite my friends and all other beef producers to visit my farm and see for themselves the value of this technology and how it can positively impact the beef business Colorado“.

This cultivation system was introduced by Dave Bjorklunda partner of Pavise, LLC, and represents the first sale of HTE’s independent sales and marketing company. Theo ChalgrenPavise CEO and Managing Partner stated, “The world today faces a major challenge in feeding the world’s population. Water shortages, supply chain problems and skyrocketing chemical fertilizer prices are threatening the livelihoods of many. Cattle fed this nutritious organic barley can provide the necessary protein for several global communities and we are grateful that Steve has the vision to embrace this groundbreaking and life-giving technology”.

DR Pat ChoatPresident/CEO of HTE, stated, “This installation demonstrates that our organic farming system can be scaled from very small to very large farms and still provide the animal health benefits, improved growth rates, reduced vet bills and at a auction achieved a higher price.” .

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The company consists of four wholly owned subsidiaries: two operating companies and two development stage companies. The Company’s subsidiary, Healing the Earth, has developed a new Fast Track™ growing system capable of growing large volumes of fresh, organic food using extremely little water. XenTx Lubricants produces lubricants and additives for gasoline and diesel engines that reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. AAQIS is developing a hydrogen generator that greatly reduces hydrocarbon emissions while improving fuel efficiency in internal combustion engines. Green Mining Technologies develops remediation technologies for placer mine tailings.

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