How OTC turned a power outage into an opportunity to help the community



SPRINGFIELD, MO. – When a transformer burned out at Ozarks Technical Community College on Wednesday, it turned off the power in the Information Commons West building, which houses a Starbucks coffee shop, an OTC coffee shop, and a culinary arts program.

Chilled food threatened to go bad and it was decided to donate much of the food to Victory Mission and Ozarks Food Harvest. OTC spokesman Mark Miller told Ozarksfirst that the school was giving away bread, butter, fruits and vegetables, orange juice, eggs, soup bottoms, cranberries, cheese and 50 gallons of Starbucks milk.

The food was split between the two organizations, but Ozarks Food Harvest received 48 turkey breasts as Victory Mission already had turkey.

Dyllan Dale, kitchen manager and chef at Victory Mission, said the donation had a big impact: “It was a battle with donations over supply chain issues and the like. So my donations for the kitchen side here have really gone down. So it’s such a big blessing and a lot of really good quality stuff because it’s from a cooking school. “

OTC had so much food on hand because the school was preparing a takeaway turkey dinner for staff to be held tomorrow. Miller said it was thousands of dollars worth of food that could spoil if you don’t give it away.

Currently, OTC is using a truck donated by Springfield Grocers to keep its frozen foods cold.



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