Jamie Oliver: Chef shares an “aromatic” gravy recipe – “super easy”


Jamie Oliver regularly shares his food recipes with his fans, including his favorite roast dishes. A major ingredient in a traditional roast is the sauce, which can be quite difficult to come by.


– Roast Chicken

– Fried vegetables

– A heaped tablespoon of flour

– A glass of red or white wine or cider or a good shot of port sherry

– One liter of organic broth

When everything is mixed and mashed, Jamie recommends adding the alcohol to give it some scent before adding the broth.

The alcohol will boil off if cooked for a few minutes.

Pour the broth into the bowl or add a quart of hot water before bringing everything in the pan to a boil.

You can also scrape any leftover from the bottom of the pan as you go.

After cooking, reduce the heat and simmer the sauce for 10 minutes until it has the desired consistency.

To serve:

To serve the sauce, take a large jug, bowl, or pan and place a colander over it.

Pour the sauce through the sieve and use a ladle to squeeze down as much liquid as possible.

At this point, throw away any leftover meat or vegetables.

You can then either serve it right away or return it to the heat to simmer.

Placing it back on the heat will make it thicker if it’s loose too.


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