Talking Business: Farm-to-Table Sandwich Shop Opens Wednesday in Castle Rock | Local business


Owner Rebecca Ward drizzled homemade barbecue sauce on a shredded pork sandwich at PNW Sandwiches in Castle Rock on Monday.

Hayley Day

CASTLE ROCK – Don’t call it a comeback. Don’t even call it a second round.

Rebecca Ward, owner of PNW Sandwiches, prefers the term “spin-off”.

The Castle Rock native’s new restaurant opens Wednesday and features the same crew as the now-closed Castle Sandwich Shop in a building across from the previous restaurant’s former location, Ward said. Castle Sandwich Shop closed around March 2020 after opening under a different owner for about a year, she added.

The first microbrewery to open in Longview has returned for the move after more than a year.

This time around, Ward and her family lead the team, harvesting local produce from local producers like Castle Rock’s Thornton’s Farms and Hubbard Gardens to make sandwiches and side dishes that she called “farm-to-table”. The sandwiches aren’t just a light snack, she added.

“These are going to be some of the greatest sandwiches you’ve ever seen in your life,” she said.

Local food

Customers can choose from nine seasonal sandwich specials – from a club of smoked brisket, pepperoni, salami and smoked Gouda to a vegetarian sandwich with local products such as today’s lemon cucumber and old tomatoes. The specials cost $ 12-17.

The electrician's sandwich

The Electrician’s Sandwich will be plated for a tasting on Monday at PNW Sandwiches in Castle Rock. The electrician has tons of smoked pork schnitzel, seared pineapple, homemade hot barbecue sauce and shredded cabbage on a jalapeno cheese bun.

Hayley Day

Guests can also put together their own creations from five types of meat, nine types of vegetables, nine types of bread, seven types of cheese and seven sauces. Ward called the articles “unprocessed and organic”. Side dishes include potato salad, soup, and macaroni and cheese. Do-it-yourself sandwiches are $ 12, salads $ 10, and meals are $ 15. Children’s meals, including grilled cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, are $ 8.50.


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