Tilehurst man carried paring knives around Mayfair



JASON BENSON, 46, of Newtown Road, Newbury, admitted stealing a Mulberry handbag containing an iPhone, Tiffany bracelet, three rings and a purse worth £ 4,220 from a woman in Newbury on October 16, 2021 suspended for 12 months for an offense committed 12 days after the imposition of a joint injunction for a separate offense. Requirement for participation in up to 25 days of rehab activity. Must pay £ 200 in compensation
JARAD STOREY, 49, of Willow Street, Reading, admitted beating to himself on August 25, 2019 in Reading. Sentenced to a fine of 3,200, pays £ 75 in compensation and £ 100 in court costs.
CLIFFORD DOWNE, 64, of Mayfair, Tilehurst, admitted owning a paring knife in a public location, Mayfair, Tilehurst, on September 23, 2020. Also convicted of assault and beating in Reading the same day. Joint order made. Obligation to participate in up to 25 rehab activity days. In addition to a £ 200 fine, there is a £ 95 victim surcharge and £ 100 court costs.
ROISIN WALSH, 53, of The Coombe, Streatley, Reading, admitted by beating an emergency worker in Reading on November 29, 2020. Requirement for participation in up to 20 days of rehab activity. Must pay a victim surcharge of £ 95 and court costs of £ 85.
MANISHA DURRANT, 20, of Lorne Street, Reading, admitted to being attacked by beating a rescuer and preventing a police officer from performing his duties in Reading on October 15, 2020.
In addition to a £ 150 fine, there is a £ 34 victim surcharge and court costs of £ 250.

3rd of December

CHARLES DAVEY, 29, of Meadow Way, Theale, admitted driving too fast on a 30 mph street on Basingstoke Road, Reading on July 21, 2021. A fine of £ 400 and six points for the license. Paying £ 40 victim surcharge and £ 85 court costs.
PAULINA ALILI-GORNA, 36, of Granville Road, Reading, admitted on October 11, 2021 to driving bans on Castle Street, Reading. Driving ban for 30 months. Joint order made. Duty to do 200 hours of unpaid work.
ISHTIAQ CHECHI, ​​46, of Butts Hill Road, Woodley, admitted to driving under the influence of cannabis on Jan 1, 2021 on Old Bath Road, Woodley. Driving ban for 16 months. Sentenced to a fine of £ 840, a victim surcharge of £ 84 and court costs of £ 85.
DANIEL LILLIS, 36, of Cranbury Road, Reading, admitted to driving drink-driving on A4 Bath Road, Reading on June 1, 2021. He was caught with 53 micrograms of alcohol in 100 milliliters of breath, the limit is 35 micrograms per 100 ml. Driving ban for 12 months. Fine of £ 500, payment of a sacrificial surcharge of £ 50 and court costs of £ 250.

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