Why should we eat five fruits and vegetables a day?


That fruits and vegetables Contribute to our good health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease or cancer. But do you really have to eat 5 a day?

These foods also have benefits for age-related cognitive decline and dementia, particularly because they contain flavonoids. They are also low-calorie foods that help with weight control and thus partially prevent obesity and diabetes. “Recommendations for regular fruit and vegetable consumption are derived from fully scientifically proven benefits and not from partner endorsement.” says dr Jean-Michel Leserve, MD, nutritionist and endocrinologist at the Pasteur Institute. But then why five? Research shows that to maximize the benefits of fruits and vegetables, it is recommended to consume 400 grams per day. It can then be divided into five servings of 80g each, which corresponds to the famous “5 fruits and vegetables a day”. In addition, the benefits of these foods are not significantly increased. In addition, the fruit and vegetables consumed should be varied.

Then Jean-Michel Leserve suggests choosing different colors as this is a good indication of the diversity of the compositions. The colors red, orange or green often reflect a richness in carotenoids.

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